Increase Efficiency, Cash Flow and Profits with PCLaw ®

Powerful, Flexible and Easy-to-Use with a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Streamline Your Finances

•Manage and time vendor payments on your terms to improve cash flow.
•Write and print checks from trust or general bank accounts for client or law firm expenses.
•Keep accounts in balance with reconciliation tools.
•Quickly identify clients with outstanding balances to prioritize collection efforts.

Earn More of What You Deserve

•Reduce duplication of effort with all-in-one integrated billing and accounting.
•Reduce unbilled billable time by automating time capture with Time Entry Advisor.
•Email bills or submit LEDES-formatted bills electronically and get paid faster with fewer hassles.

Get a Better Picture of Your Practice

•Translate built-in efficiency gains into more billable hours.
•Stay on top of matters, documents, calendars, and attorney billing and accounting with one easy-to-use software solution.
•Gain insights and track your firm’s performance with comprehensive reporting.

Get Up and Running Faster

•Get free onboarding, training, resources and upgrades with your annual maintenance plan.
•Get started without worry in just minutes. Intuitive design in PCLaw makes it easy.
•Get a firm-wide view of what’s most important, all before you finish your first cup of coffee, with PCLaw Dashboards.


Do more. Bill more. Live your life.

Amicus Attorney integrates with your favorite applications into a lean, mean, automated machine that improves efficiency and profitability.

Large, small, or in-between, we’re here to help you grow! Designed for legal professionals who want the best, Amicus Attorney integrates practice information into a single automated system for improved efficiency and profitability. It’s superior functionality and intuitive approach, combined with an equally-powerful suite of services, is flexible and scalable for firms of all sizes.

Amicus Attorney is here to help you reach and exceed your goals.

Legal Calendaring

Amicus Attorney provides comprehensive legal scheduling that works the way you do. Manage appointments, tasks, deadlines (and more) for yourself, everyone in your workgroup, or your entire firm.

Rules-Based Calendaring

Your legal practice runs on rules. Your calendar should too. Feel secure with an organized calendar that notifies you of any changes – in the office or on the go.

Tasks and Deadlines

Amicus helps you to get organized and get things done. It’s your ultimate To-Do list. The Amicus Tasks module is so fast and easy – just type and hit return – a task is created. Editing in place means there are no extra dialogs or wasted clicks.

Link Events

With Amicus Attorney you can link events for accurate and convenient scheduling. Legal steps usually have defined timelines or deadlines. There can be many related activities, often extending over a long period of time.

Precedent Workflows

You often have to do the same series of things on matters of the same type. Some of this can be put into a checklist, although it is a moving target, as there are dependencies between steps. Amicus has a superb workflow.

Matter Management

Client matters are the building blocks of your practice – you open a file for each. Everything you do and everything you bill revolves around these files. Amicus Attorney understands this. It makes all your files and all the file content instantly accessible, better organized and much easier to use.


The most important aspect of your practice is the people with whom you work. Amicus helps you keep track of them, contact them and keep in touch. It’s easy to organize your contacts. And you can track so much information about them.

Conflict Checking

Conflicts of interest can arise from such a wide variety of previous relationships. Only you can make the determination as to whether or not a conflict exists. You need to have everything possible in front of you when you do so.

Email and Phone Calls

Amicus helps you stay on top of all your communications. Track email, phone calls and messages in one place. Know whom you need to get back to – and whom you are waiting to hear from – with information that’s completely integrated with your files.

Document Management

Our lives are filled with documents. Contracts. Deeds. Mortgages. Pleadings. Transcripts. Filings. Registrations. Wills. Forms. So many more. All so important to the practice of law. But they can be overwhelming to keep track of.

Document Automation

Amicus not only organizes your practice – it helps you automate it too. Automating aspects of your practice will make you more efficient and profitable. It will also ensure your work is done more accurately, and reduces the risk of things being missed.

Time Capture

Bill more time, more easily. While you work, Amicus Attorney is in the background, keeping track of what you are doing. It will often present you with a time entry, completely filled in for you. Alternately you can create new time entries with handy shortcuts, far easier than scribbling them out on paper.

Time Entry Assistant

Amicus makes it so easy to create time entries for all the work you do. But just in case you forget to do one, the handy Time Entry Assistant helps make sure that no billable time gets lost. With a click you can see all your activities where no time entry has yet been recorded.

Practice Mobility

Amicus Anywhere is a mobile extension of Amicus Attorney. It provides a secure, instant, live connection to your Amicus software through a web browser. Whether you want to use a home PC, Mac, iPad or other tablet, you can manage your practice from wherever you are.

Smartphone Access

See and do your time entries on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere with Amicus TimeTracker. Imagine the convenience of being able to do your time entries wherever you are. Capture billable time you were losing before by recording it live on your phone!

Client Portal

In these competitive times, your clients want to feel more connected and in control of their legal work. With the Amicus Client Portal, they will. The Amicus Client Portal gives you the ability to easily share information electronically with clients.

Knowledge Management

If you can re-use elements of previous research, opinions, factums, drafting and similar items, then you can practice more efficiently and get extra value out of previous work.

Business Development

Bringing in new retainers is so important to building a successful practice. But it’s often hard to focus on business development activities when you are busy with active clients. Amicus helps.

Firm Management

Amicus helps everyone in your firm work together. Common information means that everyone is on the same page – and can work on the same matter simultaneously. Collaborative workflows and delegation systems simplify knowing who has to do what when.

Time and Fees

Amicus Attorney Billing provides unified time and fee management to help streamline client billing. Record your time quickly, easily and accurately. Have different billing rates and billing behavior of time entries automatically apply to Files.


Tracking expenses is simple and easy with Amicus Attorney Billing. Quick entries capture all the details, including cross-referencing to invoice numbers. Hard and soft costs can be differentiated. Just enter unit numbers for multiple expenses and Amicus multiplies it out.

Accounts by Matter

Amicus Attorney Files contain all the professional information about each client matter you are working on. With Amicus Attorney Billing, just click the toggle, and you can see all the billing information too. All in one place.

Accounts by Client

Start with a list of your clients. See all their WIP, A/R, trust and retainer balances – at a glance. If a client has multiple matters with you, the balances are totaled – or you can click to see them broken down by matter. You can do much of your billing work right from the clients list if you want.

Flexible Billing

Managing your billing processes effectively is the key to running a profitable firm. Amicus Attorney Billing keeps you right on top of your billing activities at all times. And it’s so easy you won’t even realize you are billing. You can bill from anywhere – get it done where you want to.

Mass Billing

It’s a fact that billing clients regularly results in more collected revenue and fewer client issues than if you wait to bill each client separately at the end of their case. That’s why Amicus Attorney Billing makes it easy to bill many clients at once.

Collections and Payments

Clients don’t always pay promptly. No one likes chasing them, but staying on top of who is overdue, and prompting them to make their payment, is an essential part of a financially successful practice. Amicus helps.

Trust Accounts and Retainers

Manage trust accounts and meet trust account obligations using Amicus Attorney Billing. At a glance, view all activity going on and account for every dollar by file in multiple trust accounts. You can save time by creating and allocating transactions to many files at once.


Many insurance companies and banks require their law firm to submit invoices electronically using UTBMS codes in prescribed formats. With Amicus Attorney Billing, you can designate files as E-Billing and have time and expense entries configured.

QuickBooks Accounting

Most accountants prefer that your firm uses QuickBooks® for your general ledger and accounting. That’s why Amicus Billing has a great link with it. The dynamic link between Amicus and QuickBooks shares information between the programs automatically.

Access Control

Financial information is not something you necessarily want to share with everyone in your practice. That’s why Amicus has access controls that allow you to restrict who can see what. You choose whether someone can see billing information at all.


Amicus Attorney Billing does a lot more than help you get the bills out. As it handles your client financial transactions, it accumulates significant information about what is happening in your practice. Amicus translates this information into insight.

Daily Billing Reminders

Amicus provides daily proactive billing reminders that help you know what you need to do to keep the financial side of your practice healthy. Each day Amicus goes through all your clients, files and invoices, and alerts you about things like files accumulating too much WIP.

Total Practice Management

Your law practice is both a profession and a business. Amicus provides you with one integrated solution for managing both. You don’t have to look at two different systems – it’s all in one place. The seamless integration provides unprecedented visibility, control, and the best possible workflow.