Our Mission.

It starts with the right attitude & philosophy

Do no harm! Much like your doctors Hippocratic oath to do no harm to the patient, we at FCE, Inc. strongly believe that in order to best help you, we must learn as much as possible about your specific computing situation. We take the time needed to assess, review and summarize your needs in order to offer you the best possible options moving forward with the least amount of down time and unnecessary expense. There are plenty of vendors out there whose sole motive is to make a quick buck, move on, with no thought about ever seeing you again. At FCE, Inc. we are looking for long term customer relationships with businesses who are looking for that trusted tech advisor. Just read our client testimonials on the bottom of our home page, several from clients we have had well over 20years!

Mainstream software & vertical applications

Still trying to cram a square peg into a round hole? Many times you will find your firm at a crossroads, looking for software that will make you more efficient without breaking the bank. FCE, Inc. has the experience and ability to offer many of the best and latest broad market solutions. Are you a Law Firm? Make your office more productive and join the many happy clients who took the leap to true legal optimized software. FCE Inc. has worked hard to bring you what we feel is the best of the industry.

Our premier legal packages include the world renowned law office on computer AMICUS ATTORNEY, and PCLaw, The outstanding, fully scalable accounting package.

Vertical Consultants

Don’t let the “computer guy” just blindly install your newly purchased software on your file server!

Let our vertical market consultants do it right the first time and maximize your return on investment. With the extended features of these programs, speed enhancing shortcuts and many other customizations can be performed at the time of install.


Thinking about skipping training and trying the “hunt & peck” method?

Research shows (almost without exception) most dissatisfaction with software purchases is due to lack of training. We can offer vendor specific remote, self-paced, or on-site one on one training.

Call us for your special rate quote. We will work with you to meet the needs of your office.

Technology NEEDS

FCE, Inc. sells all the best major brand Servers, Networking, PC’s & VoIP solutions…We can sell brands including: Intel, Hewlett Packard, Lenovo, GrandStream, Sangoma, Cisco, & More. We handle networks large & small. Custom built servers & workstations available upon request. Looking to save money on your phone bill? Try FCE, Inc. and see what we can do to lower your bills and raise your features to the latest capabilities and efficiency.


FCE, Inc. recycles laser toner! Does your printer leave streaks or make odd noises? We repair most major brands and will put that professional look back into your documents. Give us a call. Let FCE, Inc. solve all your computing needs. Just put one phone number in your rolodex! OURS!